Informit Explore | Content curation for Explore

Explore contains hand-picked articles and videos on Informit that have been mapped to subject and issues.  While subjects are broad discipline areas, issues are narrower topics that fall within those subject categories and are relevant to the Australasian region. The articles featured on Explore are updated on a quarterly schedule, roughly occurring at the following times: 

Quarter 1: February release 

Quarter 2: May release 

Quarter 3: August release 

Quarter 4: December release 


Who curates our content? 

We work with a number of different experts to pick the best content for Explore, including: 

  • Informit editors 
  • Editorial staff and researchers at the Australian Council for Educational Research 
  • Academics who specialise in particular fields 

Our curators are briefed on Explore’s key audience and tasked with selecting content that: 

  • Represents a diverse range of voices and publication types 
  • Has been published recently and offers new insights into the subject/issue 
  • Aligns with what is being studied on the Australian Curriculum 
  • Is student-friendly and accessible to a broad audience 

While it’s not always possible to fulfill all of these criteria with every article featured on Explore, we aim for a balanced selection of fact-based articles that can service a wide range of Explore users, including novice researchers and more advanced users.  


Reading levels 

To this end, all articles are graded from basic to intermediate or advanced, using the following guidelines: 

Basic: Years 7-9 

Intermediate: Years 10-11 

Advanced: Years 12 and above  

It’s important to note, these levels are merely guidelines, and it can be difficult to map articles to a specific year level or age group. While we use artificial intelligence to cross-check our article grading, the grading itself is completed by a human curator as we believe there are specific nuances that may not be picked up by artificial intelligence and are better judged by experts with educational experience. 


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