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Informit is an Australian owned organisation based at RMIT University. One of our key drivers is promoting local voices and contributing to a more diverse publishing landscape. As such, our focus is primarily on aggregating authoritative Australasian content from peer-reviewed journals, more general interest periodicals, conference proceedings, reports, and both free-to-air and paid media networks. As such, the majority of the content you can search for on Explore is Australian, with plenty of content relevant to other regions in Asia Pacific, notably New Zealand. 

Some of our key publications include: 

  • Agora 
  • Australian Art Education 
  • Australian Aboriginal Studies 
  • Australian Journal of Indigenous Education  
  • Australian Journal of Early Childhood 
  • Australian Journal of Teacher Education 
  • Alternative Law Journal 
  • AlterNative 
  • ArtLink 
  • Art Monthly 
  • AQ: Australian Quarterly 
  • Big Issue 
  • The Griffith Review 
  • Kill Your Darlings 
  • The Monthly 
  • Meanjin 

This is just a small sample of the amazing content on Informit. You can view a full list of publications here. 

A big part of Informit’s mission also involves promoting Indigenous scholarship through both our research aggregation services, our Indigenous Scholars You Should Know video series and other cultural initiatives, such as Kummargii Yulendji Symposium that was co-convened with Caval in 2023. As such, Informit is the single best place to find the most up-to-date Indigenous focused research in Australia. 

While Informit is an aggregator, we also develop and publish our own content. Explore features 100 original topic summaries on the issues affecting Australia, which have all been written by Australian K-12 teachers and are aligned to version 9 of the Australian Curriculum. Informit works with a network of Australian research associations and organisations to aggregate and create quality content. With Explore, we partnered with the Australian Council for Educational Research to develop these summaries. 

Another recent initiative is our ‘Expert Perspectives’ video series. Informit has interviewed a mix of academics, publishers and other expert voices on the critical issues of today, some of which are currently available on Explore’s issue pages.  

In short, if you’re looking for Australian research and ideas, you've found the right place. 


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