Informit Explore | Alignment to Australian Curriculum

Informit Explore was developed in consultation and collaboration with a wide network of Australian teachers, librarians and education experts. Notably, we worked with the Australian Council for Educational Research to develop much of the written content you will find on subject and issue pages, including links to version 9 of the Australian Curriculum.  


Explore includes 100 original topic summaries on some of the biggest issues affecting Australia. These pages are aligned with the Australian curriculum and feature: 

  • Mapping to subject and year level 
  • Mapping to cross curriculum priorities 
  • Content descriptors 

We focused on the aspects of the curriculum most useful to teachers looking for content that can be applied to a classroom setting. While it is not currently possible to search by curriculum code, we are exploring ways to integrate the curriculum into our broader searching capabilities and welcome all feedback. 

We do not currently offer state-based curriculum mapping for Explore. 


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