Informit Explore | Accessing and Authenticating your Explore subscription

Accessing Informit Explore

Informit Explore supports multiple authentication methods for users under your institutional license. The following options are available: 


Single Sign On (SSO)
An institutional account is created which your users can access through your Single Sign On credentials. This is done by adding Informit as a 'Service Provider' to your SSO setup which will be recognised by your SSO identity manager. 

It's worth noting that this option does not create individual accounts for your users. Our SSO setup will validate your users credentials against your institutions identity management service and Informit Explore will allow them access under your institutions license. 

We support the following SSO federations:

  • AAF - Australian Access Federation (Shibboleth)
  • Open Athens
  • Microsoft Azure AD SSO
  • Okta
  • Ping Federate

Library Login and Passcode 
An institutional account is established and passcode(s) are set against it which can be used by your users to login to your institutional license. This password can be: 
  • Generic - A single, generic passcode that can be used by all users to access the license 
  • Range - A passcode range established by your institution that allows for the provisioning of individualised passwords to a larger user group (i.e. student numbers, library barcodes)

IP authentication, including EzProxy 
An institution provides it's known IP Range to Informit (i.e. - and any user accessing Informit Explore from one of these registered IP's within the range is authenticated against your institutional license. 


Email domain
Your institutions email domain is recorded against your institutional license. Any user who establishes a personalised account with Informit using an email address under this domain will automatically be associated with your institutional license and will be given access under that personal account. 

Note: This step requires the manual creation of personalised accounts by users to gain access to your institutional license. 


Please contact our Customer Success team to discuss which method is the most appropriate for your organisation. We will work with you to set up your preferred method.

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