How to Create A Journal Alert

Journal Alerts save valuable research time, and can be set up to provide automatic e-mail notification whenever a new issue of a particular journal becomes available in the Informit platform.

Step 1

To create an alert, ensure to log in to My Account to create a search alert.

Step 2

Locate the Journal title. For example you may do this by typing the title in the search box and selecting the title from the dropdown list.


Step 3

From the journal's Publication Details Screen, click the Sign up for alerts link


Step 4

The Manage Alerts window appears, with the Journal Alerts automatically filled in.

 journal3 Step 5

Set your Email Format to Plain Text or HTML.

create journal 5-1

You may need to scroll down to view the Journal Alerts you have set up.

create journal 6


Note: TOC alerts are sent immediately after a new issue or book series is added to Informit. Alerts for newly added articles are sent DAILY.

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